The Ancient Roman Culture and Patriotism

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Romulus and Remus founded the ancient Rome in an interesting manner. During this period, there were more men in Rome than women. Romulus, the first Roman king, feared that if the Roman men failed to get wives, there was a possibility of extinction of the Roman people. For this reason, he organized a festival, where he invited the neighboring tribes including the Sabine women. Particularly, the festival would offer a chance for the Roman men to capture the women and marry them forcefully. The women had no choice but to accept the Roman men as their husbands. The ancient culture developed through interaction of people who spoke French, Italian, Spanish, and the Roman languages.

Subsequently, the Roman culture influenced thousands of other philosophies in the world. For instance, the Roman art and architecture are some of the aspects of culture that attract other communities in the world. The Roman artists and architects developed works that defined the beliefs and the attitudes of the Roman people. For example, the Roman Colosseum influenced ideas of the developed sporting stadia in the contemporary society. Through these works, the Romans established a great sense of patriotism that increased unity among its people and leaders.

Interestingly, Romans believed that men and women had an equal place in the society. The belief contradicts with the Greek perspective, since they regarded women as people from a different species. In the ancient Rome, the idea of pietas familae explained the role of women, which included child bearing and nurturing the family. In fact, early marriages occurred as a form of avoiding any sexual histories that would embarrass the woman and her family. From the Roman perspective, it is clear that women never participated in any sporting activity. However, by cheering the male participants, they still showed their loyalty to the Roman Empire.