Significance of Roman and Greek Sports

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Both Roman and Greek sporting cultures highly contributed to the western civilization. The culture and their nature of competition set a new pace for the today’s Olympic Games. The ancient Greek and Roman contestants prepared for the sports through physical exercises and training from experts. Similarly, the global competitions in the contemporary world depict similar practices like those in the Greek and Roman culture. Today’s Olympic Games is an example of the immense patriotism depicted by different countries of the world. The fact that nations have a well-structured plan for preparing towards the Olympics shows that the impact of the Roman and Greek sporting events caused countries to consider strategies that promote patriotism in their countries.
The cultures of the Greek and Roman people contributed to the development of structures and stadia that host various sporting events. Currently, hosting Common Wealth Games at Gold Coast in Australia was based on the availability of adequate infrastructure to host the activities and accommodate people. Different from the ancient times, people who wish to watch the games live choose to either travel or follow the developments while at home. During the Greek and Roman ancient times, the sporting activities were held in a common community venue, where people attended from different parts of the country. Equally, people at home followed the field events religiously as a show of patriotism. The Roman and the Greek art provided architects with ideas of developing playing fields. The Roman Colosseum is one of the structures that influenced the construction of the contemporary stadia.