Roman Patriotism

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Subsequently, blood sports in Rome acted as a form of aligning communities to the Roman laws. The history of bloody games lasted for more than 2000 years. Precisely, the bloody games acted as a form of entertainment for people from the lower economic class. Besides, rulers supported bloody games to enable people uphold the rules and regulations of the society. On the contrary, the participants of such games felt a great sense of humiliation if they lost their lives in the quest of entertaining people. One could conclude that the bloody games represented oppression and injustice to slaves, but on an interesting twist, the ancient Roman population valued those events. The overwhelming attendance displayed a show of immense patriotism, as the Romans felt that they needed to support the games that brought about uniqueness in their culture.

On the contrary, not all sports in Rome depicted blood and violence. Peaceful sporting activities brought together people of all ages. For instance, hoop rolling borrowed from the precepts of the ‘Greek Hoop’ is a dominant game that depicts peaceful nature of the Roman people. Reportedly, Campus Martius was a popular venue for hoop rolling game. Equally, the ancient Romans engaged in bot indoor and outdoor games. For example, the Roman Chess referred to as Ludus latrunculorum was one of the dominant indoor games similar to the modern chess.

The present city of Rome is full of sports enthusiasts. It is common to experience the loud sound of cheers in various cities, with fans of different sporting activities. Notably, football is the national sport of Italy. There are two teams that play in the city of Rome, Lazio and AS Roma. Specifically, the Campionato Italiano, commonly known as the Italian Champions League is the most prestigious duel between the two teams each year. Thousands of football fans flock the Olympico Stadium to watch the match.

Similarly, Rome hosts a plethora of sports events which include tennis, basketball and rugby.  Specifically, tennis fans get to enjoy the sport during the Tennis International Championships that happens for two weeks at the Foro Italico. Besides, golfers play at various golf associations within Rome, while trotters run their horses at the Ippodromo do Tor di Valle. Dog races happen at the Cinodromo Track, while Valle-Lunga hosts the Formula One Grand Prix.