Greek Sport

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The ancient Greeks delighted in any form of competition. Mainly, their cultural practices formed the basis of the competitive nature of the ancient Greek. Apart from competitive sports, the ancient Greeks engaged in contests in dramatic plays, poetry, drinking, and singing. Chariot races, wrestling, and running were sponsored by leaders like Achilles, as a show of respect to Patroclcus. Winningwas part and parcel of any competition, and the ancient Greeks participated in competitive sports as a way of bringing communities together. The sports also provided a chance for the young Greeks to learn about their cultures. The winners were gifted with a crown of olives. Traditionally, olives were regarded as a sign of prestige and value for money. Besides, losers and winners were never allowed to shake hands. The spirit of competition developed during the games of the ancient Greek mirrors the nature of competition presented in the today’s Olympic Games. Interestingly, competition in the ancient Greek was not only about winning the prize but also bringing communities together.

In the traditional Greek and Roman culture, sports played an integral role in the development of the society. The sports help in the teaching of team work and the skills necessary for hunting and gathering.  However, it evolved to athletic contests with time, an aspect that was cherished by the community.  Sports in the ancient period were embedded into traditional rituals and activities in sacred places, which remain at cultural centers in the world today. The ancient Greeks rationalized the facet of competitive sport from funeral games into well-organized sports extravaganzas.  The sports were held in sacred sites in honor of the Greek gods. Most importantly, athletics were held every four years, and were named as the Olympic Games. Greek citizens made pilgrimages to Olympia at least once in a lifetime to enjoy the occurrence of sports activities.  Most city-states in the country sponsored many upcoming stars to become professionals and participate to represent their localities.  Through this way, they would bring fame and prestige to the community and home towns.