Greek Patriotism

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During the ancient times, participation in the Olympics was restricted to men, and only free-born Greek nationals would participate in the games.  The winners would wear crowns to symbolize their achievements. Besides, the cities would bestow the winning participants with riches upon returning home.  Additionally, the Greeks sponsored lucrative sporting contests where winners would be awarded with expensive prices and public acclaim. Notably, the Panathenaic Games was the most common event.  Male athletes served as icons of physical beauty and objects of erotic desires. In fact, the famous athletes had sculptures cave their figures out of stone.

The Modern Greek sports include football, volleyball, basketball and athletics. The Greek pioneered the Olympic Games. Besides, during global sports Greece appears as one of the countries that has won many medals. The Greek people also ensure that they have participants in every sporting event. The country is known for best basketball and soccer players. The level of participation in the Olympic Games shows that the Greek people love sports and they are dedicated in winning medals. The immense show of support from the Greek citizens portrays an aspect of patriotism.