Greek and Roman Ancient Events

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The Greek and Roman ancient cultures in sporting activities highly influenced the development of a new level of sports in the contemporary society. The Romans used sports as a form of instilling peace and unity in the society. Besides, most of the Romanic games were ideas borrowed from the Greek people and later customized and incorporated into the Roman culture. The Greek literature and art influenced the idea of competitive sports. Traditionally, the Greek people organized various events that involved people from all classes of the society. Notably, sports among the Greek people ensured that people looked beyond their differences and remained as a united community. Therefore, sports not only brought about patriotism but also allowed people to feel a sense of belonging. Equally, the sporting in Rome depicts a high sense of patriotism. Although the bloody sports seemed brutal, leaders employed the strategy to align citizens to the provisions of the Roman law. The Romans believed that such games made them unique and this increased the unity among the people. Notably, the sporting culture of the Greek and Roman people shaped the global participation in different activities in the present society.